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Meet Kris Knox, Yoga Instructor & Owner of Waxhaw Yoga in Waxhaw

Meet Kris Knox, Yoga Instructor & Owner at Waxhaw Yoga in Waxhaw, NC.

The CLT Life's Jimmy Grappone and Knox discuss opening up a yoga studio during a pandemic, the many benefits of practicing yoga, and prove that you can do yoga in tight blue jeans.


Knox opened Waxhaw Yoga in the Summer of 2020 to fill what she saw as a gaping need for a full-time, dedicated yoga & Pilates studio in Waxhaw.

While many may think it's crazy to open a gym during a pandemic, Knox saw her studio as a place the Waxhaw community desperately needed.

Kris Knox, instructor & Owner at Waxhaw Yoga

As Kris likes to say, "You move the body to quiet the mind." 

Though there are yoga classes offered in and around Waxhaw, there is no other studio in town dedicated solely to yoga and Pilates.


Waxhaw Yoga draws clients from Waxhaw and beyond, including many who come from Ballantyne, Indian Land and other neighboring communities to practice here.

Classes are also offered online, allowing people to sign in from their homes or on the road, whether they live locally or anywhere in the world with a good Wi-Fi connection.

Knox employees four instructors who teach a variety of yoga styles as well as Pilates.

Sign up for a class today.  The first one is free (as long as the website's not acting up!)


Visit the Waxhaw Yoga website, ...

Meet Ken Poskow, Owner & Chef at Provisions Waxhaw

Meet Ken Posko, Chef & Owner at Provisions in Waxhaw, North Carolina in this episode of The CLT Life Presents featuring Provisions Waxhaw.

In this video, The CLT Life's Jimmy Grappone interviews Chef Posko, asking revealing questions about Provisions' concept and how it came to be among Waxhaw's destination locations.

Provisions is known for its outstanding breakfast and lunch menus, its fresh food prepared in-house, and its general store with nearly 100% locally sourced items.


According to Posko, Provisions' concept is not a restaurant, rather "a small country store that just happens to have a sandwich shop attached to it."

And what a great sandwich shop it is!  Provisions lays claim to having the best Reuben sandwich in town, and I'd argue it's the best Reuben I've had anywhere.


Visit the Provisions Waxhaw website, You can also connect with Provisions Waxhaw via social media.




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Don’t Let Buyer Competition Keep You from Purchasing a Home

Don’t Let Buyer Competition Keep You from Purchasing a Home | MyKCM

This year’s record-low mortgage rates sparked high demand among homebuyers. Current homeowners, however, haven’t put their houses on the market so quickly. This makes finding a home to buy today challenging for many potential buyers. With an obstacle like this, those searching for their dream homes may be pressing pause on their searches as we approach the end of the year, but that could be a big mistake for many hopeful house hunters. Here’s why. 

According to the most recent Housing Trends Report from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB):

“The length of time spent searching for a home continues to grow.”

The report indicates that 62% of buyers now spend 3 months or more looking for a home, an increase from 58% one year ago. A primary cause for the delay is the heavy competition today’s buyers face when making an offer on a home. Based on recent ...

Homes for Sale Are Rapidly Disappearing

Homes for Sale Are Rapidly Disappearing | MyKCM

Through all the challenges of 2020, the real estate market has done very well, and purchasers are continuing to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates. Realtor Magazine just explained:

“While winter may be typically a slow season in real estate, economists predict it isn’t likely to happen this year…Low inventories combined with high demand due to record-low mortgage rates is sending buyers to the market in a flurry.”

However, one challenge for the housing industry heading into this winter is the dwindling number of homes available for sale. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), recently said:

“There is no shortage of hopeful,...

Making a Home for the Brave Possible

Making a Home for the Brave Possible [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights

  • VA Home Loans provide unique opportunities for Veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families in recognition of their service to our Nation.
  • For eligible individuals, options associated with VA Loans can help make the dream of homeownership a reality.
  • If you or someone you know may benefit from a VA Loan, let’s connect to answer your questions today.

Selling Your House Is the Right Move, Right Now

Selling Your House Is the Right Move, Right Now [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights

  • Demand from homebuyers has skyrocketed this year, which means today’s sellers are poised to win big. This ideal moment in time to sell your house won’t last forever, though.
  • With more sellers coming to the market in the spring, waiting until next year means buyers will have more choices, so your home may not stand out from the crowd.
  • Let’s connect today to discuss why now may be the right time to make a move on your terms.

Home Values Projected to Keep Rising


Home Values Projected to Keep Rising | MyKCM

As we enter the final months of 2020 and continue to work through the challenges this year has brought, some of us wonder what impact continued economic uncertainty could have on home prices. Looking at the big picture, the rules of supply and demand will give us the clearest idea of what is to come.

Due to the undersupply of homes on the market today, there’s upward pressure on prices. Consider simple economics: when there is high demand for an item and a low supply of it, consumers are willing to pay more for that item. That’s what’s happening in today’s real estate market. The housing supply shortage is also resulting in bidding wars, which will also drive price points higher in the home sale process.

There’s no evidence that buyer demand will...

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The #1 Reason Not to Wait to List Your House for Sale

The #1 Reason Not to Wait to List Your House for Sale | MyKCM

Many industries have been devastated by the economic shutdown caused by the COVID-19 virus. Real estate is not one of them.

Mark Fleming, Chief Economist for First American, just reported:

“Since hitting a low point during the initial stages of the pandemic, the only major industry to display immunity to the economic impacts of the coronavirus is the housing market. Housing has experienced a strong V-shaped recovery and is now exceeding pre-pandemic levels.”

Buyer demand is still strong heading into the fall. ShowingTime, which tracks the average number of buyer showings on residential properties, just announced that ...

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6 Reasons You’ll Win by Selling with a Real Estate Agent This Fall

6 Reasons You’ll Win by Selling with a Real Estate Agent This Fall | MyKCM

There are many benefits to working with a real estate professional when selling your house. During challenging times, like what we face today, it becomes even more important to have an expert you trust to help guide you through the process. If you’re considering selling on your own, known in the industry as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO), it’s critical to consider the following:

1. Your Safety Is a Priority

Your family’s safety should always come first, and that’s more crucial than ever given the current health situation in our country. When you FSBO, it is incredibly difficult to control entry into your home. A real estate professional will have the proper protocols in place to protect not only your belongings but your family’s health and well-being too. From regulating the number of people in your home at one time to ensuring proper sanitization during and after a showing, and even facilitating virtual tours for buyers, real estate professionals are equipped to follow the latest industry standards recommended by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to help protect you and your family.

2. A Powerful Online Strategy Is a Must to Attract a Buyer

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Nine Steps to Sell Your House in North Carolina Part 3

Closing day
There are nine steps to sell a house in North Carolina. 
If you haven't read the first six steps, I recommend reading parts 1 and 2 of this three article series.
Here are the final three steps.
7. Due diligence period.

This is the time during which the home is under contract but has not yet been closed.  This is also when the potential buyer conducts his / her "due diligence" to inspect the property, formally apply for a loan to purchase your house, and request any desired repairs or monetary concessions (i.e., change of sales price or seller-paid closing costs).  During the due diligence period, the buyer can back out of his agreement to purchase your home for any reason.
Due diligence requests are formally submitted by the buyer's agent to the seller's agent using a special form called "Due Diligence Request and Agreement."  In order to move forward with the sale of the property, both parties must agree on what concessions, if any, are to be made.

I always recommend using a reputable home inspector to thoroughly inspect the home and to prepare a detailed, accurate report and summary of all issues found at the house.  And I don't care how well cared for your property may be, issues are always found.

Depending upon the severity of the issues and what concessions, if any, have already been made during initial negotiations, the buyer may ask for minor or major repairs and / or additional...
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